torsdag 23. juli 2009

@ Work

Location: Gmail chat
Time and day:
Worktime 24/7

M: S!
S: M!
M: Any exciting news today?
S: Always! Some peacocks are running around...
M: Wow S, THATS really something!
S: I know!!
S: So, what are people calling about today?
M: oh, people are really curious about the weather!
S: Cool I can understand that!

M: ..And now an old lady called and asked if I knew how to wash away old blood on some brown leather shoes..
S: Yeah, that is a normal question
M: Jepp.
S: Not freaky at all.
M: Nope.
S : So did you know what to tell her?
M: Nope. S: So what did you tell her?
M: oh, I just found some numbers to the local shoe-fixer.
S: Smart.
M: Jepp.
S: Wow, the flue thing has to come to my town!
M: Nooooooo S: I have to run! Call every hospital all over to figure out if its true
M: Ok.. seee you ...

S: False alarm!
M: Nooooo
S: Yes, at least i got a adrinalin kick!
M: Yah, almost like the peacock i guess!
S: Yah almost!!

M: Done at work!
S: So am I!
M: See you same place, same time tomorrow!
S: Loaded!
M: Gmail chat it is!
S: Gmail chat in my heart!

tirsdag 7. juli 2009

If we miss New York? nehhh

M: You know S… I’ve always thought as myself as an urban girl… Like, used to big cities and… Yeah you know what i mean.

S: Yah I know excactly what you mean and i feel the same way too! And I grew up in Bergen, which is a HUGE city. I know how to live the big city life. Yep I do.

M: Yeah, me too. And you know what, Fevik is not that small either…

S: We have a fountain in Stange. Reminds me of Columbus circle.

M: Yah, and then we have like the Big ocean in the South, like with the skyline of trees and stones..

S: And lets talk about the fields in Stange! Is so... so simulare to Times Square!

S: .. And guess what! I have a park. It's almost like Central Park, - just without people.. Well actually I'm lying, I saw an other girl last week...

M: Really? Wow You are soooo lucky!

S: Jepp, I dont have to miss New York at all. This is like; Oh Big City Life!

M: Well yeah, but Fevik is actually better than Stange

S: No!

M: Yes!

S: Wanna go to New York at once?

M: OK!!!

tirsdag 16. juni 2009


Im back to this... Doing this....watching this.....While im driving on The Highway...
Driving carefully,..
..Because it's a lot of moose

So I think that I do want to talk about it!

But I think God will be with me here as well

I think i saw him here :)

He's faithful

- S

mandag 18. mai 2009

Last day in California

M and S praying: God, please... it's so cloudy, can you help us find some sun?

M and S walking to the tourist place:

M: Exuse me Sir, do you know where we can find some sun?
Sir: Uhm... What did you just say?
M: I was wondering if you know where the sun is.
Sir: Oh, ok...Well...
S (serious face): The sun, where is it?
Sir (trying not to laugh): Well... If you drive away from the coast, maybe you'll find it.
M and S: OKEY!!! Sun-hunting it is!
Sir: Wow.......

M and S: FOUND IT!

S: M? can you give me the sunblock thing?

... too late

Life is great. Tomorrow we'll go home where we belong. We can't wait. God is good!

tirsdag 12. mai 2009

We'll LEARN you how speak English

S: Dibja? Is it ok if I cook some water?


M: Brad! I LOVE rollercoasters made of tree!
B: Wood Melissa, wood.
M: o...


S: Fausto? I've been on this amazing restaurant near my place...
F: Oh really? Is it the one with the Big yellow M?
S: Yes... Yah That one!...
F: yes?
S: (thinking) ... ah, nooo! not mc donalds!
S: o...


M and S: Brad? Can we use the toilet?
B: (makes his face) øh...
M and S: ???
B: girls... please say restroom
M and S: o...


S: Hey guys... I'm gonna learn you norwegian!!!
F and B: TEACH!!! t-e-a-c-h
S: o... well.. Whatever!


M: You are so much baad-er then me!
B: hahahahahahaha
M: o...


We love english

o yea we do

M and S: -Where to meet you?

And: Fausto learns how to use the norwegian thing about wearing socks outside his pants....

søndag 10. mai 2009

Once Upon a time...

...A girl like this
added a girls like this (on facebook)
And they became bestfriends because of skype
And because it's A LOT TO DO in Stange and Fevik, they didn't use hours there...

And then they decided to experience the world together..

Because they already were best friends

New York is Normal. But first they decided take a short trip to India because it's near by.

Then They came to New York where Melissa learned to use high heals
And here in New York she's still normal (as always)...

Because she's so freakin' hotAnd she's hot because of the nice restaurant with the yellow M

And she never gets lost (because I -Bigsis take care of her)
And here is the prove about that she's a seriously good student
And don't worry, shes still "The Brownie Girl"
THIS girl are coming after me........ and turning 20 TODAY 11th of May 2009! (kid)

Look at her....
You'll understand why I LOVE to be called her TWIN

Gratulerer med dagen Melissa.
Love you -tons