torsdag 23. juli 2009

@ Work

Location: Gmail chat
Time and day:
Worktime 24/7

M: S!
S: M!
M: Any exciting news today?
S: Always! Some peacocks are running around...
M: Wow S, THATS really something!
S: I know!!
S: So, what are people calling about today?
M: oh, people are really curious about the weather!
S: Cool I can understand that!

M: ..And now an old lady called and asked if I knew how to wash away old blood on some brown leather shoes..
S: Yeah, that is a normal question
M: Jepp.
S: Not freaky at all.
M: Nope.
S : So did you know what to tell her?
M: Nope. S: So what did you tell her?
M: oh, I just found some numbers to the local shoe-fixer.
S: Smart.
M: Jepp.
S: Wow, the flue thing has to come to my town!
M: Nooooooo S: I have to run! Call every hospital all over to figure out if its true
M: Ok.. seee you ...

S: False alarm!
M: Nooooo
S: Yes, at least i got a adrinalin kick!
M: Yah, almost like the peacock i guess!
S: Yah almost!!

M: Done at work!
S: So am I!
M: See you same place, same time tomorrow!
S: Loaded!
M: Gmail chat it is!
S: Gmail chat in my heart!

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